First Steps Nursery Wales and Mobile Creche Services

About Us

We are an inclusive nursery and welcome all children. Celebrating the variety of
Cultures from which our children and staff are drawn.

The Nursery Offers:

  • Registered for 32 children - aged between birth to 8 years old
  • Registered with CIW - Mid Wales
  • Inspected by Estyn
  • Inspected by Environmental Health Food Hygiene rating '5' date 5th February 2018
  • Inspected Hygiene and Infectious diseases
  • Food Allergy Awareness - inspection
  • Fire Officers
  • A Member of National Day Nurseries Association
  • Fully Insured - Certificate displayed on notice board
  • English main language spoken - Basic Welsh is introduced to all children and other cultures are introduced by celebrating festivals.
  • Deliver Early Years Foundation Phase abd The Childcare Offer for Wales
  • Welsh is spoken throughout the day, we have a session every afternoon where Welsh is the only language we use.
  • Visits to our own Outdoor Schools area, Growing and Garden area developed by Play Radnor
  • Security - CCTV in operation and password for entry.

All staff holds appropriate childcare qualifications, Enhanced DBS, First Aid Certificates, food hygiene, Child protection, manual handling, Health and safety.
All staff has on-going training and students are welcome from relevant childcare courses for training.
Key Worker structure:
When your child starts with us , they will be allocated a key worker, this key worker will be responsible for supporting your child to settle in, assess and record your child's development and progress.
Your child's progress can be discussed at any time with the key worker and we value parental involvement highly and feel it is essential to develop close bonds with families to ensure quality and consistent care for the child.

We offer a full range of meals including
Breakfast: toast, fruit bread, pancakes,waffles, brioche
Mid-day lunch: Fresh cooked hot meal with a pudding
Light tea: Sandwich, crackers, breadstick , cheese , tomato, variety of fresh fruit slices.
Milk or water is available at all meals times and during the day.
Children with specific dietary requirements are catered for at the nursery, whether it is an allergic or intolerance need, a preference or that of a religious back ground. Please discuss your requirements with the staff at the nursery when you visit so arrangements can be made before the child starts nursery.


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