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If you would like a tour please contact Theresa Mills either by Telephone or email
We will gladly organize a tour at a time that suits your schedule.
During the tour you can observe how staff and children interact, it is also an opportunity for parents to observe the atmosphere of the nursery - does it feel relaxed, child led activities, does it feel happy and comfortable.
None of the latter can be experienced over the phone that is why we strongly encourage parents to visit us.

Benefits of Nursery for Children:

  • Nurseries provide continuity and stability for your child . Nurseries don't become ill, go on holiday or hand in their notice.
  • The nursery environment complement rather than replaces your role as a parent.
  • Interacting with a group in the Early Years helps with development of language skills and develop children's social skills.
  • They learn to be aware of each other's needs to share and make friends.
  • Studies show that the long term benefits to nursery education children do better in terms of social development and educational achievements and in the acquisition of reading, writing and numeracy skills.
  • The staff to child ratio in day Nurseries ( 1adult to 8children aged 3 to 5 years old ) is higher than in Nursery school ( normally 2 adults to 26 children ).

Don't Forget :

Its never too soon to make the call and come for a visit.

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