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Healthy Preschool Award.

A Pre School Scheme Award aimed at improving the health of Powys youngsters has been launched by Public Health Wales.
The aim is to actively promote and protect all aspects of health.
The Healthy Preschool scheme covers seven aspects of health, including:
Nutrition & oral health
Physical activity & active play
Mental and emotional health, wellbeing and relationships
Workplace health

Each unit has a set of standards that are required to be met and demonstrated before a unit is accredited and a certificate awarded. First Steps Nursery is very pleased to have achieved all the units. In 2019 successfully was reaccredited the award.

Description of each unit.:
Nutrition & Oral Health:
Demonstrating a whole setting approach to food, nutrition and oral health, incorporating the promotion of a healthy balanced diet based on current national guidance and good practice in relation to oral health.
Physical Activity & Active Play:
Demonstrating a wide range of accessible physical and active play for children and staff including access to play environments and experiences that meet the developmental needs of the children.
This reflects the promotion of a safe, stimulating environment which reflects the importance of the people within it with an emphasis on caring for the environment within and outside the setting.
This reflects a proactive and reactive approach to all aspects of safety including work on substances.
Mental and emotional Health, well being and relationships
This reflects the ethos of the setting which should encourage mutual respect and promote well being of all those who work within it. It also highlights the development of positive relationships.
Work place Health and Well being:
This reflects the importance of a health promoting workplace with a commitment to the health and well being of the staff.

Healthy Preschool Award Feed back:
Leadership and communication:
Effective leadership and communication is key to a successful healthy and sustainable setting and it is clear you have thorough practices and procedures in place and it was clear at our visit that you are committed to the scheme and it's ethos and to continual improvement.The staff have clear roles and work well together, supporting each other, making the setting feel calm, happy and purposeful, in each of the clearly defined rooms.
A thorough audit using the indicators has been undertaken with clear supporting evidence.CPD is highly valued and staff attend what is most appropriate.
Information and signposting is available
Some of the information from the Welsh Government Food and Health Guidelines: For Early Years and Childcare Settings and school Food Trust menus have been used to plan meals.
Planning and Delivery:
Careful planning, delivery and evaluation ensures that children have meaningful experiences, resources are appropriate and projects are effective, and through systems already in place you do this very well. Children are encouraged to be active in a range of ways related to current topic themes.
Positive praise is practiced everywhere ( Incredible Years Style)
A lot of work has been done on providing experiences which encourage children to feel positive about healthy food and being active. Children were witnessed being encouraged to try healthy foods with specially created songs, preparing theor own foods, growing and harvesting it.
Ethos and Environment:
The ethos and environment is at the heart of the setting as a welcoming and supportive atmosphere is crucial in helping children develop and this is shown in your commitment to the scheme, the time spent on projects and the way so many of the practices the scheme encourages are already embedded. Displays are permanent, bright and informative. We saw that since being on the scheme you have integrated a number of new suggestions from the scheme into your work.
It has been seen that the grow-cook-eat activities benefit the children by increasing their awareness.
In line with current guidelines water was seen freely available for the older children through the use of water bottles and they evidently used to finding their own labelled bottle independently.
Family and community Involvement:
The support of families and the community makes a huge difference in the success of encouraging healthy lifestyles and you have taken many opportunities to establish good links. There is good targeted communication with families and carers plus involvement with outside agencies. To aid transition there are strong links with the schools. Parents and carers are kept well informed through newsletters, daily information board, displays and prominent use of windows in the entrance. Families and community are a valuable source of support in encouraging healthy lifestyles and we saw many examples of how their involvement has been thoroughly integrated into projects.
The nursery link with Ashfield is a mutually beneficial, well thought out project. The children, parents and staff at Ashfield all benefit through the creation of the veg bag and menu scheme, which encourages healthy eating and cooking skills with local, seasonal food. It was commendable that children had eaten new vegetables and increased their knowledge because of the project.
There is daily sheet to keep parents up to date with how their child was during the day.


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